Monday, January 16, 2012

trading up

I remember like it was yesterday. It was a day in early January and I had been working up north for the month of December and had a little extra cash for doing burning a hole in my pocket without knowing what to do with it. Now I had the trusty discman (yes a you some perspective on the time this story is taking place huh?)that went everywhere with me. Mix Cd's were the order of the day...but something was missing...15 to 20 songs wasn't enough. so it was decided...a 4gig ipod nano would be purchased and life was good.

Here you had a little device that I could store 300-500 songs on(you found quite quickly live Phish albums/concerts took up alot of room)but not only did it hold alot it was not nearly as cumbersome. The nano was my new fashion accessory.

But as an ex-girlfriend told me once "things change, people change" and I decided today...that my nano had done had served its purpose but like that girlfriend years ago..I too needed a change.

So today armed with Best Buy gift cards I put the nano off to pasture with the purchase of a new ipod touch, 8gigs of music(and podcast) pleasure.....should go great with the bose headphones i got at Christmas...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You can thank the Rambler for this.

It has been said that one of the scariest things for a writer is the blank page infront of them.

I can understand that statement. You would think that for someone who is getting paid to, figurativly, put pen to paper, to expound on a topic to some depth of understanding that they have reached,and to have convey or share that information with others through your choice of words would be a little scary. To know that your mortgage, car, food and beer money is dependent on your understanding of the difference between "there",'they're" and "their' would be daunting.

Poor suckers ..just that thought makes me understand authors or writiers who drink.

That aint to drink? absolutly. but being paid to write? furthest thing from it. I am just a dude who started a blog after his friend did and really enjoyed it.

But then somethiung happened, not sure what it was, but life got in the way and the blog went by the wayside a little. And after a couple of failed attempts at starting again here I am..attempt v.4.5.
I will make no promises about consistency but I think im feeling a little inspired again. Probably has something to do with seeing The HomeOffice start again and the constant updates by The Rambler...or that when you can't sleep you can only watch so much porn.

So stop by everyonce in awhile..I'll be here..

(soundtrack to this post..The Velvet Undeerground-Loaded)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

a gap filler....

Really had wanted to put something up here but cant get thoughts together. So instead you get a vides from the album I have been listening to... Mumford & Sons. Enjoy...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Trailer Park

I do love me some movie trailers>>>>here's a new crop of upcoming stuff...big blockbuster edition...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to the lighter side if things...

One thing that came out of posting yesterday is I actually forgot how much I enjoy this little corner of the cyber universe I have created for myself...and in this day and age of twitter(yes I know I have one of those accounts as well) I have discovered I miss the act of blogging,I miss the space available in a blog as opposed to the quick hits of a twitter post, I miss searching for the right words(spelled wrong most of the time)to convey my ideas and thoughts. Taking an idea that I thought was interesting or entertaining and sharing it with my spin on it. I miss trying to introduce new music to people or sharing my thoughts on movies with the cyber universe!!

I stand before you(not really of course that would be a little creepy) a reinvigorated and rededicated blogger ready to re attack this space with the vigor of that a 14 year old boy attacks his computer after discovering how easy it is to find porn for the first time!

And it starts today damn I wanna talk about that wait...the story about being on skytrain the other day when this wait..I... oh shit who am I kidding..i gots nothin...enjoy a little Daniel Wesley...

Monday, December 28, 2009

A personal with caution

When I fist started doing this little blogging thing it was a place for me to bitch and moan about things that bugged me in pop culture, politics,everyday life. A sight into my mind and thinking that you couldn't always share around the dinner table or with people. Not everyone cares about what I thought would happen if Superman was real or what I thought of the latest Hip album.

I accepted this and that is how this blog came to be. It was a creative, though at most times poorly written, diatribe that I kept for me. Never naming anyone out right, using Nicknames for those close to me, never really sharing personal info really, keeping things as anonymous as possible. Once I had somebody tell me i never write anything too personal, so I did for that person,but what follows is something I didn't think I would be sharing but, it is something I need an outlet for it. read at own risk. comment if you want to.Feel free to share it with others...

A small back story, that you might need is that my parents divorced when I was 5. My mother met a great guy not long after and they have been together for 28 years. That guy is my dad and the guy who raised me...this is a open letter to the other guy...

Dear Rob,

First off you will notice that the letter does not say "Dear Dad", with good reason. You gave up the right to that term years ago, and I truly feel no need to grace you with it now. Not deserved or earned.

Now others reading this letter may say that may sounded harsh and uncalled for, and maybe even rude, but I don't really care and I think I can safely say you would probably agree with me, even though you might not say it out loud. But like I said, Don't care, this letter is not about what anyone thinks..not even's about me for a change and what I need to do.

When I got the call a couple of weeks ago that you were sick and in the hospital and were asking for me a lot of things crossed my mind. I had often wondered in earlier years what I would do when I got that inevitable call. Would I go..not go. Do I play the good person card and just go? You have to has really come to the point that I don't even really know you. Oh sure ,we share some DNA, and I have inherited your shaky hands, but really that's it, in essence you are a distant memory from what seems like another persons life.

The memories that I do have though are few and far between, I remember riding up to the Lake on the back of the Gold Wing the day you and Mom told me, your 5 year old son, that you"were going away" for awhile, I remember having to sit at the dinner table for hours on end till I would finish the liver that I hated. Thank God for Grandma Bundy, Gram, to save me by helping feed it to the dog or getting it off my plate. Seems silly now but as a 4 year old that was a horrible ordeal.I remember the odd visit at a scatter shot of apartments around town, to years of no contact(I am fully aware this was a two way street, but you had to want to walk down that street) Or the day,recently,(with in the last couple of years) I get a call from a strange women on a Sunday morning asking if I had seen you and was tiring to get money from me to pay for a hotel room or some shit. That would be the most recent memory I guess. Even looking back on these situations now, some might seem petty or even silly but I bring it up not to throw it in your face, or make it seem like I have a grudge because you made me eat liver, but to show you that is the extent of the impact on my life you have had. I can not think of one good memory.

Now let's think about this shall we? No real good memories. And now you want me to come rushing to your bedside so you can what?, I have actually grown into a smart guy, so I can guess that it would be to 'see me' and 'apologize"for all that you did, and for not being there, blah, blah, blah,blah boo fuckin hoo. And really there is no need to apologize cause I am over it and have been for many years. It didn't help your case much either after the times you had come in drunk to my place of work and went off about how your my Dad and caused me me public embarrassment in front of my staff, well maybe in the scientific sense you could say you were my father, but my Dad was at home and would have never done that to me or my brother.

Ahh yes my Brother, Now there's a kid who is probably a better person than I am because I am sure that he will come and see you, but in case you haven`t put 2 and 2 together yet, I am not coming. And really I keep asking myself why should I´´but know this,when he does it will be out of respect for Gram, because Gram gave you another chance and let you stay at her house. But to be fair she was one of the best people I knew.

But I digress, I am not sure what else to tell you. But I hope my point got across. I know your situation and I`m sure at some point in my life I will get blasted for writing this letter from some far off relative that has no bearing on my life, but as I said at the beginning of this little diatribe I couldn't`t careless about what anyone who reads this letter thinks about me or anything I have written Rest assured though that in spite of you I had a good life, with parents who love me, friends ,family and I like to think that I have grown into a pretty decent person. So you can take that with you, Im not fucked up because you and mom got divorced`or anything, but then again I am not anything because of you. Everything I have grown into is because of the people around me in my life.

given the situation not sure how you sign this off but as you sit there waiting in a hospital bed.. waiting for your outcome to play it`s self out...your mind can be free. I hold no grudge and turn the lights on the way out.


I now return you to the usual up beat nature of a newly revitalized blog that wont go months without updates. Some one pass the gin,,,i need a drink,

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clearing the cob webs....

So the last time we were all here in this little corner of cyberspace was just after the Kings Of Leon concert. I wish I could say that I have been to more concerts, seen movies, read some books(New Nick Hornby Out Today!)but I can't. I can say that I have bought cd's however with the new Phish Album and the New Pearl Jam album and the NFL season being the only bright points of sanity in the last month. I do not wish to bitch but life has gotten busy and stressful as of late, work 12-13 hours a day, spend more time in work cloths than regular cloths, don't get a chance to talk to the people I want to talk to(you know who you are, Happy Anniversary by the way!, have no energy to go to the gym or run on any sort of schedule, good thing the hetero-life mate has been doing enough running for everyone he has ever known.

Anyway still alive...hopefully the stress will stop soon...until then enjoy The Whigs(Sorry it's from an appearance on Letterman)you can also follow me on Twitter..